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This is mainly an appreciation blog for fandoms and fanart. I especially love inspirational sports anime! Currently whiling away the hours with Chihayafuru, Daiya no A | Diamond no Ace, Free!, and Haiykuu!!.

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Mashima Taichi and Miyuki Kazuya. If you ever want to talk about either one, you know where to find me!

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Sometimes I write fanfic. Sometimes I write vignettes and scenes that may or may not evolve into something more. And sometimes I reblog fanart with spontaneous ficlets. There's also this Haru/Makoto comic I did with marskels. :D

I try to have something to say about the art I reblog, what I like about it or what I think is going on. I don't write a lot of critical analysis but sometimes I can think things. On occasion I even do headcanons.

~ "holding hands" (Sousuke/Makoto vignettes)
~ "second chances" (Makoto/Rin future fic)

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more 1950’s au and more bebe and wendy because why not dammit. if you think you’re getting past greaser!bebe, you’re wrong. ain’t nobody mess with bebe’s gal

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so you’ll love me again?

…i didn’t stop in the first place, clyde. 

I suspect “stupid” is the endearment of the highest honor that Craig awards.

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how ironic

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**Sorry my English pretty basic, so it may be some strange sentence:p**

(↓Click the pics to see the comic↓)

It’s a story about Clyde and Craig’s friendship.

I really like Clyde, so I drew this story for him :)


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Grumpy older Tweek is my new fave headcannon and nothing shall change my mind

…Is he grumpy because Clyde and Craig said they wanted to try bondage but instead just wrapped a nylon rope around him while he was fully dressed?

(I actually love the art and the headcanon! I just… this is what I see?)

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made some clyde sprites ;o


made some clyde sprites ;o


It’s definetly not some magical girl shit, that’s for sure.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hey..I've had a bay day and I was wondering if you could draw some twyde(tweekxclyde)??? it's alright if you don't want to
miaoujones miaoujones Said:





I lost the original picture for this but I hope your day brightens soon!! :’)


tweek blessing the heavens above he doesnt have a dick: subtitled u put twyde in /my/ ask and expected nothing. wth


Clyde: Because I wanted to remember important parts of our lives, especially our first years in college!

Craig: I had no say.

Clyde: We can show it to our family when we’re old and even more angry than Craig is now!

Craig: I just say yes to whatever he wants so he doesn’t cry about it.

They basically made it to document their lives in college! Oh. and I apologize about this drawing I am falling asleep lol


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
if youre taking requests can you draw some cryde? ;w; sorry if youre not!!
miaoujones miaoujones Said:


( and that’s how they became a couple.

I saw this and I COULDN’T HELP IT )

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they’re probably watching a disney movie like hercules or something




STAN: I don’t. It’s stupid and I don’t want to get sucked into it.
KYLE: Dude, just admit it.
KYLE: You’re basically already a crotchety ninety year old man.
STAN: I am not!
KYLE: You are too!
STAN: I just don’t want to give in to any shitty trends, that’s all!
KYLE: It’s not a trend, dude, it’s technology!
KYLE: This is the future, and you can’t keep ignoring it forever.
STAN: I’ll ignore it as long as I want.
KYLE: Yeah. I know you will.
KYLE: But anyway, we’ve all pretty much got it except for Ol’ Mister Marsh over here.
KYLE: Let’s see…
KYLE: Most of us figured outright to block Cartman on it.
KYLE: Craig and Clyde use it to basically send each other selfies and pictures of animals.



KYLE: Butters usually sends an SOS pic once a week, of him and whatever bullshit scheme Cartman has pulled him into at the time.


KYLE: Mine’s still the best, though.
STAN: What do you even send to people?
KYLE: Lot’s of stuff.
KYLE: Why do you wanna know, anyway?
KYLE: I thought it was ‘stupid’.
KYLE: I wouldn’t want to be the one to suck you in to all these ‘new fangled trends and such’.


STAN: Geez, okay. Nevermind.

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i have a headcanon that craig doesn’t like having his hair out on the open too much. and the boys always attempt at getting him to show it. like Clyde says “you got wild hair Craig. it’s meant to be set free man. in the wild." to which everyone replies, "what the fuck does that even mean clyde"

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