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One minute into gameplay and Clyde is already crying. 

With help from my good friends Stella (drawing some backgrounds) and Ashley (helping with sprites), production is finally yet again underway! It’ll still be quite a while before the game will be ready for you guys- but we’ll keep giving you looks into it! 

I have now assembled a small army of fellow artists and together were gonna knock this thing outta the park.

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Anonymous asked: "Fall in Light" is one of my favorite Craig/Clyde ever. How was writing it? What inspired it? How do you envision their futures after the very last line of the fic?

Oh, Anon. You have made my day! Thank you so much!

How was writing it?

This is probably pretty common but for me, the stories I write fall into two categories: the ones that come to me on their own and the ones I have to work for.

I had to work really hard for Fall in Light. It was my entry for the first South Park Big Bang, and I was feeling a little pressure because it was important to me that Craig/Clyde be represented; and also because the word count requirement was higher than my usual short stories. Even though there were many times that I wanted to quit, I somehow kept going—even though having Craig/Clyde be part of SPBB was a pressure point, it was also inspiration!

My first idea was to do a D/s love story, since there wasn’t much D/s for that pairing or in the fandom in general at that time. Originally it was from Clyde’s POV but I almost always write D/s from the sub’s POV, since that’s where my own instincts and experiences lie. So as an experiment, I tried a scene or two from Craig’s POV—and it immediately became apparent that the story I needed to tell was his.

At first I didn’t know exactly what his story was; I just knew it was his. It’s been a while since I wrote that one so I don’t remember exactly which scene it was, but at some point it became apparent that Craig was so anxious about the future that he couldn’t even think about it. His friends are thinking about it, though, and there’s obviously something of a conspiracy between Token and Clyde to try to help him find a path. I think they aren’t really concerned with whether it’s the “right” path; they just want to help him get himself going.

For a while after I wrote it, I had an unsatisfied feeling that I had rushed the resolution of that aspect, that Craig comes up with his plan for the future too quickly. But every time I reread it with an eye towards revising that, I couldn’t see where or how to do it. I read it again before responding to this ask and I caught something I hadn’t before, something that explains why I can’t see how to revise it: there’s a fair amount of me in this Craig. Long term planning is no good for me; it’s best for me when I suddenly come up with something and do it almost immediately. So actually I think it’s better for Craig to have only a vague idea about the step after the next one, now that he does have the next one: he’ll think about it when he gets there.

Another thing about the writing process is that I started adding scenes with other people because I didn’t think I could make the word count otherwise. And then those turned out to be some of the most fun I had with the fic! I still really like the the scene where Clyde is cooking dinner with Craig’s sister, and the one where Craig goes over to Kenny’s and ends up hanging out with Cartman, Stan, and Kyle. Actually, I’m really happy with Cartman’s voice in this, small though his role may be.

In fact, this is one of the first times where I was able to shake off some of the fanon characterizations that seemed to creep into a lot of my SP fic. It didn’t happen with characters I have a strong attachment to (Clyde, Stan, Kenny, Butters), but it could definitely happen with others. This is especially true of Tweek, which is one of the main reasons I didn’t include him (and in fact exiled him from South Park, oh Tweek…).

What inspired it?

I guess I kind of covered this above but if I were to put it in bullet points, I might say this:

  • the desire for there to be a D/s love story for my favorite SP couple
  • unintentionally/subconsciously mapping anxieties about a personal future onto Craig (minus the relationship aspect, of course) — and I really hope that doesn’t ruin the story for you!

How do you envision their futures after the very last line of the fic?

TL;DR — they live happily ever after forever and ever! ♥♥♥ 

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Clyde: Because I wanted to remember important parts of our lives, especially our first years in college!

Craig: I had no say.

Clyde: We can show it to our family when we’re old and even more angry than Craig is now!

Craig: I just say yes to whatever he wants so he doesn’t cry about it.

They basically made it to document their lives in college! Oh. and I apologize about this drawing I am falling asleep lol


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