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[south park fic] into the west, or, one time craig fell in love with clyde

It didn’t start with a kid running down the street, holding a dying guinea pig, and it didn’t end there either. But whenever Craig thinks about that day—which is definitely one of the times he fell in love with Clyde, and not even the strangest or the saddest one—that’s how he remembers it.

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kennyxbuttman asked: south park and free! if that's ok!!!

Of course it’s okay!

South Park:

  • favorite male character - Stan! Although you can’t really tell from my tumblr…
  • favorite female character - hard to decide between Wendy and Bebe
  • least favorite character
  • favorite ship - Craig/Clyde
  • favorite friendship - Stan and Kenny
  • favorite quote - this is probably lame, but I still say, “Screw you guys, I’m going home” a lot… I’m also fond of, “This is my face, sir.”
  • worst character death (if any) - taking a page from your book: the whole season that Kenny was dead. Also every time he dies. I’m not a fan of Kenny deaths.
  • saddest moment - when Stan went into his room at the end of Assburgers and took out the bottle he’d stashed in his drawer… that crushed me.


  • favorite male character - Makoto! Which hopefully you can tell from my tumblr… ;)
  • favorite female character - Kou
  • least favorite character
  • favorite ship - the free!some! (and in close second: anyone with Makoto!)
  • favorite friendship - strictly from Free!, Makoto and Haru. with High Speed! in play, that one ties with Makoto and Rin.
  • favorite quote - you know what I’m going to say… “I swim best free for the team.” :D (I can’t even be a little embarrassed about liking that!)
  • worst character death (if any) - Makoto’s goldfish. And the old fisherman.
  • saddest moment - there were definitely moments that distressed me, but I’m not sure I actually got sad… I mean, it’s not a specific moment but the angrier Rin got, the sadder I got. I was even sadder when he was angry than I was when he was sad, because at least when he was crying he was letting himself feel…

Jeez, what a meme, to end on such a question…!

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December 16th

I really like the solitary and peaceful nature of this art series so far, like all the kids are taking a moment for reflection and having their own unique responses to themselves and the world around them, some of them more engaged, some of them more introspective.

Craig strikes me as almost zen-like here, like he’s just enjoying the smoke and the snow and not actually thinking anything.

(Source: marskels)

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