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I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Mashima Taichi and Miyuki Kazuya. If you ever want to talk about either one, you know where to find me!

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Sometimes I write fanfic. Sometimes I write vignettes and scenes that may or may not evolve into something more. And sometimes I reblog fanart with spontaneous ficlets. There's also this Haru/Makoto comic I did with marskels. :D

I try to have something to say about the art I reblog, what I like about it or what I think is going on. I don't write a lot of critical analysis but sometimes I can think things. On occasion I even do headcanons.

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Grumpy older Tweek is my new fave headcannon and nothing shall change my mind

…Is he grumpy because Clyde and Craig said they wanted to try bondage but instead just wrapped a nylon rope around him while he was fully dressed?

(I actually love the art and the headcanon! I just… this is what I see?)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hey..I've had a bay day and I was wondering if you could draw some twyde(tweekxclyde)??? it's alright if you don't want to
miaoujones miaoujones Said:





I lost the original picture for this but I hope your day brightens soon!! :’)


tweek blessing the heavens above he doesnt have a dick: subtitled u put twyde in /my/ ask and expected nothing. wth



The background is fucking terrible I know, I was gonna keep it white but ugh. whatever. 

I tried to be as accurate as possible with their costumes ;w; 

Also, thanks for the 500 followers guys! <3 I love you all >u<


i have yet to watch the new season but somehow these idiots have popped in my head recently, i forgot how much i loved them.. *~*

December 13th


i was serious about this grease!au yo. now time to draw stan and his pink ladies boys. (also…would tucker’s crew still be called t-birds?)


i was serious about this grease!au yo. now time to draw stan and his pink ladies boys. (also…would tucker’s crew still be called t-birds?)

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wow its been a while now hasn’t it

so heres south park ( cue confetti and streamers)

Clyde, kid—your smile always makes me happy.


i am actually gonna do something proper tonight so please forgive this for now :’D

Ahh~ oh my gosh, ha ha, I love this so much! My headcanon for these three is that Tweek and Clyde, while they both love Craig, are extremely concerned about one another getting what they need. So this is the perfect Clyde. And the whole thing really made me laugh (Tweek, your face!). :D



"Everyone loves the zombie killer (even the zombies)."

Sometimes I tell myself stories about Arvy’s zombie AU, because I don’t know that much about it, and even though I know it’s not what’s really going on, I sometimes can’t help smiling at the stuff I come up with for her world. Like how Clyde doesn’t kill zombie!Tweek because he’s important to Craig, and he justifies it to his right hand men on the grounds that Tweek is basically a harmless zombie. And then Tweek eats Cartman, which kind of destroys that theory, so Clyde switches to the theory that the instinct to kill Cartman doesn’t make Tweek a monster; if anything, it shows that some remnants of his humanity remain…

Anyhow, I dig this AU.


i don’t know what im doing anymore


I can’t help thinking these pictures are connected to the one Arvy posted yesterday, where Clyde is all riled up at Craig.

Here, in the panel on the left, Tweek sees Clyde on a date with a certain unbelievable someone and, all excited, rushes off to tell Craig about it.

But Craig doesn’t have anything like the reaction Tweek is expecting. He starts questioning Craig about his mild non-response and, when Craig cracks a smug little grin, Tweek realizes he knew about it already (that stolen knowledge is the reason Clyde is so furious with Craig in yesterday’s picture)—which gets Tweek even more fired up: “How could you keep this a secret? Why didn’t you tell me, man?" Because they are boyfriends now and Tweek thought Craig wouldn’t have Clyde-secrets any more.

But Craig gives him a cuddle [not pictured] and tells Tweek it should actually make him happy, because it means Craig will keep Tweek-secrets from Clyde—it means Craig is trustworthy. 

This is pleasing to Tweek, and he and Craig go on a date of their own [also not pictured]. And some time later, they go on a double date with Clyde and his special someone [also not pictured, part II]. And Tweek doesn’t mind the secret smiles Craig has with Clyde, because Tweek has his own with Craig—and now with Clyde, and with Clyde’s special someone, too.

Thank you and good night.


Full versions of all those little drawings. @u@;;;

Craig and those guys!



I just accidentally tagged this “south park finart.” Maybe I should have left it.



i didn’t wanna draw stan sitting on something like normal life because it had taken me ages to figure out how to draw kyles foot -.- damn real life positions messing up my thought out…..i don’t know where im going with this


It didn’t happen fast.

It didn’t exactly happen slow, either. Like there wasn’t time to stop it or even to figure out why it was happening—but there was time to figure out what was happening and to get away, if you wanted to. A lot of them just didn’t really want to.

Tweek had been the first to go. He’d seemed calm about it, and calm after the fact. So calm that they hadn’t killed him. He stays with Craig now, which Kenny thinks is what Tweek has kind of always wanted. He thinks Craig knows it, too, even if he didn’t before. Craig, wandering around with Tweek on a chain, is still the spaceman, although Kenny is the one wearing the helmet now.

They hadn’t been able to tell at first that Stan had gone: he’d been incommunicative and hollow eyed for weeks. Kenny knows he hadn’t been a zombie the whole time, but he’s ashamed to say he doesn’t know exactly when the transition occurred. He knows roughly when it happened to Kyle: he stood there and watched Kyle trying to get Stan to bite him. Kenny left while Kyle was whispering, “Come on, Stan, you can do it—I know you can.” Kenny could have dragged Kyle away with him, but he didn’t: he just didn’t want to mess with the kind of faith Kyle had in Stan. When he went back later, Kyle’s belief in Stan had been proven justified. Kenny doesn’t like the idea of keeping them on a chain and he doesn’t think they’d like it either—Kyle wouldn’t, at least—so he hid them away and left them to each other.

Not all the zombies are gentle, though. And not everyone has given up and given in: Bebe knows fucking kung fu, and she’s fearless with it. She tells Kenny she’s not fearless at all; she just doesn’t have time to be afraid when she’s out there looking for other survivors with Kevin and Clyde.

So there are the dead, and the undead, and those who patrol, and those who wander.

And there are those yet unaccounted for, too…