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If you came over for the Tachibana Makoto Birthday Fanworks Exchange, there's now a dedicated blog: makotobirthdayexchange

This is mainly an appreciation blog for fandoms and fanart. I especially love inspirational sports anime! Currently whiling away the hours with Chihayafuru, Daiya no A | Diamond no Ace, Free!, and Haiykuu!!.

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Mashima Taichi and Miyuki Kazuya. If you ever want to talk about either one, you know where to find me!

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Sometimes I write fanfic. Sometimes I write vignettes and scenes that may or may not evolve into something more. And sometimes I reblog fanart with spontaneous ficlets. There's also this Haru/Makoto comic I did with marskels. :D

I try to have something to say about the art I reblog, what I like about it or what I think is going on. I don't write a lot of critical analysis but sometimes I can think things. On occasion I even do headcanons.

~ "holding hands" (Sousuke/Makoto vignettes)
~ "second chances" (Makoto/Rin future fic)

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Free! Eternal Summer ended already and then I just noticed some other characters who didn’t appear in the anime. Why didn’t they make a cameo or something? Oh well, that means I have to start reading the light novel then. ^^


2nd Years; Zono, Miyuki, Kuramochi [OP3 vs Vol.23]

2nd Years; Zono, Miyuki, Kuramochi [OP3 vs Vol.23]


some daiya hammies


My editing~

I’ve been doing some reading today about little league baseball in Japan, as background for a DnA fic. Then I decided to rewatch Episode 47 to see if I could pick up any information about Chris and Miyuki’s teams in middle school, before having to turn to the fandom for help.

When I paused on the subtitles with their team names, I flailed a little because I recognized one of the names from an article I’d just read: Miyuki played for Edogawa? This Edogawa? The one with a roster of 80+ players who “come, some from more than an hour’s ride away, to play” because they specifically want to play on that team? The one that represented Japan at the Little League World Series in 2008 and won the whole thing in 2010? Miyuki made first string as a first year on that Edogawa?

Or is there another Edogawa that I haven’t been able to find, and I’m excited over nothing?

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Before I unleash the porny prompts, I’d just like to share some news from our Makoto Birthday Celebration partner makotobirthdayexchange

The Birthday Exchange is currently recruiting pinch hitters to pick up orphaned assignments. If you’d like to participate in this event and missed sign ups before, this is a great way to get in on it!

Please go to this link for more information:

Submitted Prompts Tachibottom Festival 2K14

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  • Rin and Makoto spend the day with Haru and Kou (shopping, day trip, etc. to pass the time) and Rin spends a good bit of time hinting at what he wants Makoto to do to him once they’re back home; but when they’re finally back in their apartment, it turns out that Makoto has interpreted all his hinting with him on the bottom, not Rin. Things are slightly awkward, but also very sweet and the fluffier this is the better!

  • How about Makoto and Rin having a sleepover (for whatever reason Rin missed the train back to his place and stays with Makoto) and they two began fooling around. LIke wrestling, which leads to kissing, which leads to them having sex. Rin on top (but that goes without saying)


  • makoto is having a bad to the point he about to cry from the stress, when he goes home both haru and rin a doing a mock fight to get bit attention but makoto doesn’t realize and starts to tear up. both haru and rin then cheer him up and chase away his bad day. bodyworship

Everyone (potentially) [lol]

  • HI I HAVE A REQUEST. Rin and Haru fight over Makoto’s first kiss but Kisumi ends up getting it. Like, right as they’re arguing, Kisumi’s flies in like HAH NO I AIN’T EVEN GONNA WASTE MY TIME I’LL JUST GO IN FOR THE KILL and somehow this leads to the Iwatobi & Samezuka gang all giving Makoto a kiss each to see who’s the best kisser. YES. Let there be smut where the best kisser gets a piece of that ass! Because if there’s an orgy, chances are the focus on Makoto would be lost. Unless, you know. Everyone’s like super trying to please Makoto. Then I’m good. ;D


[High quality] Soumako long poster by me
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There's nothing to worry about. All of you, keep your eyes forward. 
Because you have me guarding your backs.

↳Happy Birthday to the coolest senpai & Karasuno’s most formidable libero, Nishinoya Yuu. ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 

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Hello all! I’m very excited to announce that after a little bit of research I’ve finally been able to get together enough information to announce that I’ll be hosting a SouMako week! For those not familiar, it’s a week to celebrate the ship from Free!! Eternal Summer of Sousuke Yamazaki and Makoto Tachibana. The week will span the week that lands right between Sousuke and Makoto’s birthdays: October 13th - October 19th. During the week, I will be reblogging posts to this blog, so remember to tag your works #soumako week and follow this blog or track the tag!

There are two prompts per day, with the last day remaining open for anything you’d like to do. The schedule (so far) is as follows:

  • monday, october 13th - angst/fluff
  • tuesday, october 14th - alternate universe/crossover
  • wednesday, october 15th - post graduation/elementary school
  • thursday, october 16th - birthday/families
  • friday, october 17th - established relationship/confession
  • saturday, october 18th - touch/sight
  • sunday, october 19th - free prompt!

Remember to read the rules before participating, and feel free to shoot me a message/ask if you have any questions! Also if you notice something off, because I am new at this. :B

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