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misakiphantomhivek and amenco2807 both asked me for jealous Haru over Makoto because of Rin (am I writing it right? idk my english is shit and both asked in spanish haha…). I have this request since like january? I’m sorry it took me so long, I really didn’t know what to do ‘cause jealous Haru was something already done so many times that I didn’t got the inspiration to do it… buut, the release of ES gave me the inspiration to do it. It’s nothing new actually, but still I hope you both like it~

So, as Rin is a captain now, he and Makoto spends a lot of time talking about captain stuff on joint practices and Haru does not like that…

My assumption here is that because, as Haru says, “Makoto is nice,” this is going to end in a happy threesome.

You can’t tell me it doesn’t happen.

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