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This is mainly an appreciation blog for fandoms and fanart. I especially love inspirational sports anime! Currently whiling away the hours with Chihayafuru, Daiya no A | Diamond no Ace, Free!, and Haiykuu!!.

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Mashima Taichi and Miyuki Kazuya. If you ever want to talk about either one, you know where to find me!

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Sometimes I write fanfic. Sometimes I write vignettes and scenes that may or may not evolve into something more. And sometimes I reblog fanart with spontaneous ficlets. There's also this Haru/Makoto comic I did with marskels. :D

I try to have something to say about the art I reblog, what I like about it or what I think is going on. I don't write a lot of critical analysis but sometimes I can think things. On occasion I even do headcanons.

~ "holding hands" (Sousuke/Makoto vignettes)
~ "second chances" (Makoto/Rin future fic)


So ? isn't it exhilarating ?
those are your teammates heartfelt compliments for you
( Miyuki to Furuya ch48 )

This is always just so amazingly powerful, and well worth the re-reblog.

This kid… sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about him and other times I don’t know what to think… and I can’t help wondering if that’s just how he likes it. As I said to gusty-stuff once, I feel like I can only approach Miyuki in the white space, in what isn’t said or done; and the closer I get to him, the more I slide off, the more he slips away…

He’s a challenge. But oh so worth it.

(And what will you do, Miyuki, when you meet someone in your world who feels that way…?)

(Or maybe you already have; I have to read the manga faster.)


The Samezuka Swim Club Retirement Tradition has been on Ai’s mind since he became captain… Keep those muscles at work, Ai-chan and you’ll eventually get them Perfect Body! xD

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I really, really, really hope I got assignments right in the end… AO3 was harder to use for this than I thought it was going to be but now that I understand it, I think I know how to use it in the future. 

I have friends I’ve been fighting alongside with
I want to graduate laughing with my friends, Dad.

This just crushed me.

First in a good way: the then-first years, taking their first steps towards and putting their all into becoming the amazing third years we know them to be now—and the way the camera pulls back to include Chris, already amazing as a first year…

Then that simple touch to his shoulder. And the way we know it will ultimately exclude him from playing with them when they’re all third years…

And yet, as the beautiful quote above shows, he’s still with them (and they still count him one of them, even if he’s not playing).

Oh, Chris.

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Diamond No Ace ep 49 - Miyuki Kazuya

So many expressions to study…

I need to have a rewatch of the anime because all of these are out of context to me, but I do love the lower right one (there’s something about it—I almost want to say purity but that’s not it; it’s uncalculated, maybe, so I’m mistaking it for purity… anyhow is he looking at Chris there?) and the middle left one (who is he looking at? I want to guess it’s one of the first year pitchers because there’s an assessing optimism to his gaze and the slight curve of his mouth… although he could also be sizing up an opponent he’s looking forward to trying to crush—which I guess is another form of assessing optimism for him).

just a clarification:

while i’m not dying or seriously ill, i am not okay. yes it’s all related to stress (they think) but there are still all sorts of things physically wrong. i’m in a fair amount of pain and i can’t properly use the right side of my body. it’s going to take two months or so to get back to normal, if all goes well. sorry if the other post was misleading.

thanks again for your wishes.

thanks everyone for your thoughts

i am typing with my left hand which is my non dominant hand, so please forgive the style and typos. i am doped up on muscle relaxant and everything on right side still numb

tl;dr — they think it’s stress

yes my body is so done with me and all my stress that it’s going numb

this is the dumbest health problem i’ve ever had, other than allergic to the sun

so i have a giant knot of tensed muscle at the juncture of neck and shoulder, which is affecting that side of body. nothing neurologically wrong. bloodwork being done to rule out other possibilities. for now, do exercises to loosen knot and “try to relax”

ha ha

they gave me muscle relaxant to take 3 x daily but the one i took yesterday is still affecting me. also i’m still hunching that shoulder—so i stress even when i’m high i guess.

tbh all i want to do rn is write dna fic. some makoto fic too but negativity in free!dom is, you guessed it, stressing me out.

everything stresses me out

the one thing that’s hilarious is that it’s my right shoulder. if you are into free! or dna, you can probably appreciate the hilarity.

anyhow as some of you who have known me awhile know, i don’t really like to talk about myself and especially not when things are going wrong. so i probably won’t talk about this much but i will update when bloodwork results come back.

thank you again for the kind thoughts.

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Hey Future Fish ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ


bionictree replied to your post “For people who are saying that ep 14 will provide further plot for Makoto and his decision to quit competitive swimming. it’s too far fetched & bad writing to leave something important like that in an OVA that will be released 6 months from the finale..UNLESS they are using it to set up a movie with the boys past their finale decisions, there is apparently a Free! event coming later on, Maybe Makoto needs a little push, and there’s also Sousuke…”

if anything, the ova might at least try to explain the details over makoto’s exit from competition. though i doubt kyoani will try to give that much bckground..

Yeah… I don’t have much faith in that. Retrospectively, it seems like the plot line they were trying to draw started in episode 6. Makoto loses to Haru (“You’re the best in the water, Haru-chan”), he is/was jealous of the fact that Rin is on the same level as Haru and then… he decides that he’s not cut out for it at that point. And aside from being pretty fucking depressing, this might’ve worked out in light of him coaching in episode 8 if they didn’t do this in 9: 


It just blew the whole issue wide open. Makoto looked somewhat hopeful afterwards. It became a will he/won’t he thing. They cut off what he was going to say so we had no clue what to expect. 

I’ll tell you this— if Makoto did go on ahead and say to Rin, “I’m thinking of quitting swimming.” Rin wouldn’t have accepted it, since that would be out of character for him. 

"Don’t quit. Work Hard. You have potential." is totally Rin’s thing and there’s no reason to believe that he wouldn’t extend that to Makoto and that it wouldn’t be the natural conclusion to this conversation. 

*sigh* I’d still be a bit bitter but I would probably understand the end of Makoto’s storyline completely if that scene in 9 hadn’t happened at all. 

You know, just because you have a talent, that’s not an obligation or a responsibility to the world. I guess you don’t believe Makoto when he says the world of competitive swimming isn’t for him (to me he’s not saying “I’m not good enough” but “that’s not my cup of tea”).

In the scene you mention, I didn’t read Makoto’s expression as hopeful. Rather I took it as showing that Rin’s opinion meant a lot to him (he can still be moved by it while also being happy with the path he chose for himself). And also maybe he was thinking of how to tell Rin what he’d decided, hoping Rin wouldn’t be disappointed.

I just think everything about going into education/coaching seems to make him really happy and feel good about himself, and I’d never think less of him or feel sorry for him for choosing as he did regardless of any potential he might have (and not wish to pursue) in other fields. [I’m not saying you’re looking down on him or feeling sorry for him, but I’ve seen others implying or outright stating those beliefs.]

In any case I’m really sorry you were disappointed by his decision; it sucks to have an ending let you down. Hopefully you’ll be happier with whatever comes in the OVA!


(attempted) afternoon study sessions yea?

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Free!   |   mami

fandom will never let go of that red plaid shirt. thank god for fandom.